Tailorkraft Customer Terms and Conditions

Thank you for ordering from Tailorkraft! Placing an order on our platform will imply that you have read the terms and conditions and are willing to abide by them. Please read the following terms and conditions for use of the service:

1. On the day of the scheduled home visit, the designated Tailorkraft personnel will call you 1 hour prior to the scheduled time to confirm your availability. Kindly confirm your availability by responding to the call, failing to do which will automatically cancel the scheduled home visit.

2. You are requested to provide only the fabrics for which you had requested the home visit. In case you have additional fabrics, kindly schedule a visit for a later date.

3. Kindly keep your fabrics ready for the visit and try to adhere to the visit duration as communicated beforehand via SMS. Unless the Tailorkraft personnel has arrived late, exceeding the communicated visit duration by 30 minutes or more is chargeable as per company norms.

4. Kindly keep the acknowledgement receipt provided by the Tailorkraft personnel mentioning the fabrics taken, estimated prices and expected date of delivery. Please note that the prices are an estimate and can change slightly later due to processing requirements.

5. The time of delivery will be intimated 1 day in advance. Kindly keep the payment ready at the time of delivery.

6. Kindly note that the finished garments might not fit right away as certain adjustments are provided to account for possible shrinking or loosening with usage, depending upon the fabric. Thus, any alteration requests for any measurement adjustments for half inch or less are not accepted​. However, alterations are provided free of cost when the finished garment requires any measurement adjustments of more than half inch for a proper fit.

7. Any alteration request should be placed within 5 days after receiving the garment.

8. In case you are providing a sample, kindly note that no requests for free alterations will be accepted if the finished garment matches the measurements of the sample garment.

9. Any alteration request that doesn’t fulfill the criteria for free alterations as mentioned above will be chargeable on the basis of the alterations required.

10. Kindly ensure your availability to receive the finished garments on the day of delivery. In case you are unable to receive the delivery as scheduled, please inform us via call or sms.

11. Please note that we will not be able to hold your finished garments for more than 2 weeks after the scheduled delivery date. After two weeks post scheduled delivery date, we will not assume responsibility for the safekeeping of your garments.